Dr. Claiborne Irby Jr.'s skill and expertise are excellent. I like his conservative approach to the need for surgery and that he makes certain surgery is the only option before proceeding. His concern and care for his patients are evident in his communication and interation with them during pre- and post-surgical care. The pre-surgical meetings and orientations were good at preparing me and my family for surgery and for what to expect. My experience is that Dr. Irby, Henrico Doctor's Hospital, and the staff do their utmost to provide the best possible care for their patients. I appreciate the care I received and highly recommend Dr. Irby and Henrico Doctor's Hospital to anyone contemplating spine surgery.

Emporia, VA  

I was in almost constant pain for four months. My family doctor suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. Irby after an MRI showed that I had a herniated disc between L4 and L5. Dr. Irby was very forthcoming and honest regarding his plans for treatment. Unfortunately oral steroids and a series of two epidural injections did not relieve the pain that was radiating down my right leg. Having heard horror stories about back surgery, I was somewhat hesitant about consenting to surgery. I knew that my quality of life was such that I couldn't continue with the constant leg pain. Immediately after surgery the pain was totally gone. I followed Dr. Irby's orders to walk, walk, walk, walk. I have never regretted my decision to have the microdiscectomy surgery. Dr. Irby and his staff were all great. I heartily recommend him if you are considering back surgery.

Richmond, VA  

Hallelujah! No pain! After having outpatient spinal surgery by Dr. Irby, my sciatica pain was gone. Before surgery he told me my pain in my buttock and leg should be gone. What a relief! I was able to sit and walk in comfort again. I had excellent care from his office staff and I am doing fine post surgery

Richmond, VA 

My journey with Dr. Irby began in June 2007 when he diagnosed my condition as spinal stenosis. I am 78 years old and suffered for over three years with lower back pain that continued to worsen despite drug treatment, including steriod injections. In June of 2007, Dr. Irby performed a lumbar fusion on my back. He and Lindsey Carter, his physician assistant at the time, were extremely attentive to my physical and psychological needs during my recovery. More importantly, they were in constant contact with my family about my progress and rehabilitation preparedness. After a couple of weeks in rehab and a short visit to an assisted nursing facility, I returned home. Dr. Irby and his staff are passionate about their practice and take a very personal interest in the healing process of their patients. They schedule appointments that are time and location convenient and process insurance claims in a timely manner. I have recently been released from Dr. Irby's care due in large part to his persistence and continued level of excellent care. I would highly recommend Dr. Irby and his professional staff for a healthy back.


Yes, they do make good, dedicated doctors like they used to. I fell on ice last March. My wife and I reached a point that we knew I had a spine problem because I lost the use of both legs. I researched spine specialists and decided that Dr. Irby's qualifications and approach to surgery appeared to be what I needed. My wife called his office on a Monday morning and learned that Dr. Irby was performing surgery that day, but the office would get a message to him. Although I was not a patient of Dr Irby's, he came to the Emergency Room after he had already competed his day of surgery due to the severity of my condition. When he met with my wife and me, he was thorough, advising the possibilities of the loss of use of my legs and outlined the tests that were needed. Upon review of my MRI results, he advised that immediate surgery was needed. He was honest about the dangers of the procedure and explained everything to my wife and myself. That night, Dr. Irby performed a lengthy spinal fusion. He did not finish until around 10:30 p.m., and was back in to see me the next morning at 7:30 a.m. He and his Physician Assistant visited me regularly during my 25 day hospital stay. His commitment to his patients is wonderful.

The day after my surgery, I was having some difficulty breathing and fluctuations in blood pressure. My wife was bothered that I was being moved out for more tests so soon after surgery. Dr Irby said to her, "If I am wrong you can be mad at me tomorrow, but I believe he has a blood clot." He was right. He delivered more bad news a couple of days later that I had lost the use of my legs and developed the blood clot due to cancer. While being honest, he showed compassion and sensitivity to us. He recommended an excellent oncologist and was there when the oncologist came to meet us. He worked closely with the oncologist of the next weeks to coordinate the healing of the fusion with the chemo that was needed.

The filter that I had placed after Dr. Irby recognized the symptoms of a blood clot proved to be a lifesaver the day after the surgery, and again three weeks after I was home. I was in Dr. Irby's office for a follow-up when I passed out. Dr. Irby called my oncologist and arrangements were made for him to meet me at the Emergency Room to determine if this was chemo related. Dr. Irby personally called the rescue quad to get me to the Emergency Room and came over to see me once I was settled. I developed many clots which required surgery, but the filter proved to be a lifesaver.

I was in a back brace for a total of 6.5 months. After about 4.5 months I was becoming inpatient with wearing it. Dr. Irby said "We've run most of the marathon, let's not mess this up at the end," and with his encouragement and support, I stayed in it a couple more months until a CT scan assured him the healing was complete. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Irby in all respects- his knowledge, skills, personality, his dedication to his patients. He celebrated with me every step of my progress as I learned to walk again, moving to a wheel chair, then walker, then cane. I am now walking as I was before my fall. Yes, they do make good, dedicated doctors like they used to, and the evidence is there is Dr. Irby."

Richmond, VA