Dr. Irby Performs Spinal Surgery in Richmond, Virginia.

Spine surgery is sometimes the best way to treat a patient’s disorder, and Dr. Irby will discuss this option as well as the alternative treatment paths during your appointment. Once you and Dr. Irby have decided that a surgical procedure is necessary, you will probably have many more questions. Dr. Irby will go over the operation, address any potential complications in detail with you, and address any remaining questions or concerns that you may have. Many patients have additional concerns about their upcoming spine surgery at Parham Henrico Doctors Hospital located in Richmond VA after leaving the doctor’s office. The following information was compiled to provide you with a better understanding of the operation and post-operative course. We hope that by providing you with this information you will feel better prepared for your operation and, therefore, will decrease the anxiety often associated with any spinal surgery.


Decompression is a procedure performed most often for patients with herniated discs. This operation is performed on patients that only have a ruptured disc and are free of any other significant spinal problems.

Decompression Laminectomy

This is a procedure performed most commonly for patients who have spinal stenosis. In short, this allows more room for your spinal cord and nerves by removing bone from the spinal canal.

Lumbar Fusion

Lumbar Fusion is a procedure for patients that are experiencing instability between the vertebrae. The operation fosters bone growth and prevents motion between the fused vertebrae.


Fixation is a procedure that is sometimes required in addition to Lumbar Fusion, and provides immediate stabilization to the involved segment.