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  1. You should try to have a bowel movement the day before your surgery. If you are unable to do so, then you should use a suppository or enema that day. It is not unusual to have some constipation after surgery and having a clean system prior to surgery will benefit you.
  2. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING, EVEN WATER, AFTER MIDNIGHT THE EVENING BEFORE YOU SURGERY. If you do not follow this requirement, your surgery must be cancelled. If your medical doctor instructs you to take your medicine the day of surgery, you may take it with a sip of water only.
  3. The hospital requires that you preregister and have all your necessary preoperative testing completed several days before your scheduled surgery, as this will allow your admission process to flow smoothly. If Dr. Irby has felt it necessary, you will have been previously instructed to be cleared medically by your personal physician. If this is necessary, please be sure your doctor faxes your pre-operative evaluation to Dr. Irby’s office (FAX 288-4538). The hospital will contact you by telephone with a time to come in for your diagnostic testing. During your preadmission testing, you will be given a number to call the day before surgery for information on when to arrive on the day of your surgery. Usually it is 2-3 hours before your scheduled surgery time.
  4. Prior to surgery, you will be asked to put on a hospital gown. Compressive stockings will be applied to your legs to decrease any chance of blood clots. You will also have an IV started in order to give you medications through your vein and antibiotics will be given before surgery.
  5. Discontinue all anti-inflammatories (Advil™, Aleve™, Ibuprofen, etc.) and fish oil supplements ten (10) days prior to your surgery. If you are taking a blood thinner (e.g. Coumadin, Plavix, or Xarelto) please contact your doctor about this.