Are you having back pain? Do you think that you may need to see a back doctor or surgeon to have it treated? If so, Dr. E. Claiborne Irby, Jr. and his staff are here to help – and we encourage you to contact us and schedule an appointment to diagnose your problem and discuss the available treatment options. Of course, patient education is a very important aspect of our philosophy, and we would like to share some helpful information regarding back pain, and how to prevent it. After all, it is much easier to prevent back pain than it is to actually treat it!

Please refer to the following links for helpful information and ideas that can help you avoid injuring your back. Properly lifting without hurting your back is easily the most common way to avoid an injury, and we’ve also included some healthy exercises that our own therapists use to strengthen back muscles without the risk of injury.

Good Back Mechanics for Preventing Back Pain

  • When lifting from a low level, bend your knees and keep your back straight and upright.
  • Face what you are lifting. Do not bend, twist, and lift at the same time. Keep your toes pointed in the same direction as what you are lifting.
  • When lifting something heavy, tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • Don’t lift an object too quickly or jerk the object up.
  • Keep what you are lifting as close to your body as possible.
  • If something is very heavy- plan how you are going to lift it and get help!